Teddy the Shelter Dog

A book for kids and dog lovers

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Inspired by the true stories of rescued greyhounds, this compelling adventure will enchant dog lovers of all ages. The authors and illustrator of this animal rescue series are available for school visits, and happy to provide review copies for kid lit bloggers and reviewers. Please visit our about page for more information.

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Destiny’s Escape is a children’s picture book. A moving tale of a clever greyhound who wanted to free herself from the hardships she faced as a racing dog. With the help of her rabbit friend Ruby, Destiny finds adventure, family, and a Forever Home.

Teddy the Shelter Dog

Introducing kids aged 5 – 12 to the joys of animal adoption, Teddy the Shelter Dog is a must-have for dog lovers, pet parents, teachers and activists. In one adventure to find a forever home, this story introduces readers to the plight of shelter dogs as well as broader concepts such as animal adoption, home and family. With richly imagined illustrations this book shows readers the basics of animal rights in an easy-to-understand, teachable format.